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Best Laptops for Small Businesses

In the peak of the digital generation, mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent. We are slowly drifting away from keyboards and mouse tracks and steering closer to a trend of touch screens and trackpads.

Businesses used to flourish with hi-tech desktop pcs and large server towers, but now companies are converting to laptops or tablets for support. Though business desktops are far from extinct, work laptops are becoming radically more important.

The following laptops are some of the best business computers on the market. If you’re looking for a new computer for your company, then check out some of these fantastic options:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon:

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the best laptops available. This ultra-slick model is a slim and stylish notebook with eye-popping resolution effects. With almost 16 hours of battery life, 16GB of storage, and nearly every feature you could think of, the X1 Carbon reigns as one of the best laptops that businesses can buy.

  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Processor: Intel Core i7

Dell XPS 13 (2018)

The 13th version of Dell’s XPS model makes a spectacular addition for small businesses. Dell’s latest innovation renovated the 2017’s popular version of the XPS 12 with a stunning 4K display, rose gold or alpine white color options, and nearly 22 hours of battery life.

In addition to some breathtaking resolution effects and color designs, the XPS 13 can be upgraded with 16GB of RAM on a 1TB M2 SSD Drive. Whether you’re a designer with a heavy portfolio or a business executive that needs to save many significant contracts, this is the perfect laptop for your profession.

  • Screen Size: 13 inches
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 - i7

Apple MacBook Pro

If there’s one thing that Apple specializes in, it’s sophistication and simplicity. The latest version of the MacBook Pro is no exception to that testament. The MacBook Pro 13 is a computer model that takes Apple’s trademark sleek design added with a powerful twist.

In 2016, Apple introduced the touch bar to MacBook Pro. This revolutionary asset is Apple’s most powerful addition to a fan-favorite laptop. The touch bar is compatible with an intelligent fingerprint reader which gives you convenient access to all applications stored.

  • Screen Size: 13-15 inches
  • Processor: Dual-core Intel i5 -i7

Lenovo Yoga 920

The Lenovo Yoga 920 is easily one of the most powerful laptops out there. With a 16 GB RAM and hard drive powered by 1TB, it’s safe to say that storage is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about.

The resolution of the Yoga 920 far exceeds the competitive average of 1920 X 1080 with a display of 3840 X 2160. Another standout feature about the Yoga 920 is the stylus and canvas functions. If you’re a graphic designer, marketing professional, or creative enthusiast, then this laptop is a must-have for you.

  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Processor: Intel Core i7

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Don’t let its size fool you. The Samsung Chromebook Pro provides a ton of bang for your buck. This dynamic laptop has plenty of capabilities to outperform even some of the most advanced desktop PC's.

It’s a very user-friendly device with tons of application storage and a graphics card that resonates a full HD display. If you struggle with wi-fi connections, then just plug into Google’s ecosystem as an alternative internet solution.  It’s perfect for doing work on the go.

  • Screen Size: 12.5 inches
  • Processor: Intel Core m3

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