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Are you required to be HIPAA Compliant?

If the answer is yes, your business is at risk of being hit by Federal fines unless you follow the stringent rules required to protect Patient Health Information (PHI).

The law requires that you conduct comprehensive, annual Risk Analysis to review your computer network – and your procedures – that could compromise the integrity of electronic patient health information (ePHI). The law also requires you develop and maintain a Management Plan and Evidence of Compliance to document the remediation issues in the event of an audit.

Failure to perform a thorough Risk Analysis and – and then failure to address the identified risks – is where organizations suffer the most when faced with an audit.

You can’t do it yourself. Managing HIPAA Compliance and continuously maintaining the necessary levels of security to meet everchanging threats is a tedious, time-consuming effort, and one that requires specialized IT expertise. One wrong step could mean expensive fines, increased insurance premiums, and damage to your reputation. Even if you have a plan today, maintaining compliance is a tricky business when it comes to technology safeguards mandated by HIPAA.

What We Provide

Our company specializes in conducting comprehensive, confidential HIPAA Risk Assessments for any organization required to be HIPAA Compliant. We use a combination of specialized software, on-site observations and interviews with our staff to uncover a broad range of issues that could result in a data breach and/or a fine if discovered through an audit. We also help you resolve your issues, whether it is establishing an employee training program or developing your data backup and recovery strategy.

Our comprehensive HIPAA Compliance service uses a proprietary Risk Score Matrix algorithm that prioritizes the work that should be done based upon potential impact to your practice. We not only provide you with a full set of required HIPAA documentation but also offer the ongoing expert IT services you need to resolve any HIPAA related issue we discover.

Interested in Learning More? Our HIPAA Compliance service includes:

  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Policy, Procedure, and Governance Tools
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing Risk Detection
  • Remediation Support
  • Access to our in-house HIPAA expert for continual guidance

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