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Disaster Recovery Services


Bizco offers state-of-the-art data backup and disaster recovery services scaled to meet your network’s needs. Whether we implement a local backup solution where you store your critical data offsite or automate your data backup, so it’s part of our HIPAA/PCI-compliant SAS70 data centers, we strive to find a cost-effective solution for your network if disaster strikes. All you have to do is tell us what your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery points objectives (RPO) are, and we’ll handle the rest from start to finish. If you’re not sure what RTO or RPO are, we’re here to help with that, too.

Our scalable solutions are tailored to minimize your network’s downtime for an efficient, rapid recovery. We partner with two of the industry leaders in disaster recovery, Veeam and Datto, to provide a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery. We take the time to understand your unique operations and workflows to develop a disaster recovery platform around the way your team works. That way, you have a disaster recovery service that’s always there when you need it but never gets in the way when you don’t.


Veeam restores the information you need in a matter of minutes, not hours! Together with Veeam, we specialize in disaster recovery solutions that prioritize rapid recovery times. With cutting-edge disaster recovery solutions customized to fit your network, Veeam offers:

  • Backup copy jobs
  • Built-in wide-area network (WAN) acceleration
  • Instant visibility and enhanced search capabilities
  • Improved reporting and infrastructure assessments, including quarterly testing
  • Backup dashboard for a single point of control
  • Enhanced support

If you work in a regulated industry with compliance requirements for how your data and applications are stored and managed, Veeam specializes in not only meeting those compliance requirements but exceeding them, too. By leveraging the latest recovery strategies like virtual machine backups and redundant backups, you can take advantage of a comprehensive disaster recovery platform for less than you thought.


A Datto disaster recovery plan is one that you can always rely on. By offering onsite and offsite data backup, Datto’s robust, cutting-edge technology solutions are designed to minimize downtime without compromising the security, storage, and recovery of your mission-critical data. Depending on the scale of your business needs, Datto even offers a variety of plug-and-play appliances that allow you to start taking advantage of disaster recovery with minimal hassle, cost, and without interrupting your day-to-day operations. Datto’s service includes:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Hybrid virtualization
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup support
  • Centralized management
  • Physical and virtual platforms

Ransomware attacks frequently target small to medium-sized local businesses with less stringent security protocols. With Datto, you don’t have to be one of those businesses crippled by an unforeseen ransomware attack. Datto offers solutions with proprietary ransomware detection and protection measures so that you can stay protected from the latest threats.


Finding a business continuity plan that’s right for your business can be a hassle—with Bizco, we collaborate with award-winning providers to make sure the solution we deliver for you is a seamless fit for your network and minimizes downtime if disaster strikes. When you partner with Bizco, we focus on recovery time objectives that are faster than you ever thought possible. Find the disaster recovery solution that keeps you prepared and gets you back on your feet following a disaster by contacting the network security experts at Bizco today.

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