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AV Control Systems

Audio-Visual-Control Systems


Installing a centralized, streamlined control panel for your audio-visual control system is crucial for minimizing downtime and avoiding confusion. Rather than deal with five separate platforms (and struggling to get them all on the same page), wouldn’t it be simpler to bring your audio, visual, and room lighting controls together with one cohesive solution? Bizco’s cutting-edge control systems give your team a user-friendly foundation every facility needs for smooth operations. What good is an AV system if you can’t control it?


Bizco collaborates with high-quality vendors to deliver a unified control solution for your AV and lighting needs. We configure quality systems from Crestron, Extron, and AMX into a high-functioning, integrated platform that centralizes your lighting and AV control system all in one space. Our state-of-the-art solutions include:

  • Touch-screen, interactive graphic touch panels that configure entire rooms or buildings
  • Video, audio, and shade control
  • User-friendly wireless controls
  • Systems that don’t require “How-to” laminated sheets lying everywhere that remind you what buttons to push for what service
  • Training for your staff so your entire team can use the controls with ease and help save energy


Don’t waste time with an outdated, hard-to-navigate control system that brings you more confusion than clarity. Bizco’s collaboration with industry-leading providers gives you the tools you need to set your audio/visual and control system up for optimal performance with minimal headache. Contact our team of experienced sales executives today and see how we can help you streamline your system.

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