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AV Maintenance


Stay ahead of unforeseen production issues with Bizco’s comprehensive maintenance and AV support service. We offer detailed cleaning, calibration, system tune-ups, updates, and assessments to ensure that the equipment you use is functioning at an optimal level. Our experienced technicians provide the support you need to minimize downtime and continually produce content without disruptions. Nothing slows down production like frustrating maintenance issues—stay ahead of the problem and reach out to Bizco today.


Bizco’s technical support for your AV equipment keeps your system up and running without compromising production quality. Our audio visual support staff takes a multi-layered approach to your system maintenance, so every cog in the wheel is working in tandem. Our services include:

  • Equipment Cleaning: Equipment rack cleaning and dusting, including projector filters, camera lenses, lamps, and any other equipment you work with.
  • Cable Assessments: Audiovisual connections tests and damaged cable repair/replacement
  • Video System Calibration: Projector and flat panel maintenance for focused, colorful, high-quality image projection; menu settings adjustments available for maximum audio performance and stability
  • Audio System Tune-up: Calibration for correct EQ and balance for your sound system; adjustments for maximum performance
  • Software/Firmware Updates and Testing: Comprehensive system calibration to optimize your network for maximum performance. If anything isn’t working properly, we provide quality solutions that fit your needs and budget.
  • Service Calls: Whenever you need assistance, we’ll be there.


Bizco’s team of expert technicians offer cutting-edge support for your AV equipment, so your workflow doesn’t take a hit even when certain equipment malfunctions. Our customized support, assessments, and cleaning services are geared toward bringing the best out of your equipment so the solution you use remains up-to-date and optimized for maximum performance.

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