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Benefits of In-Vehicle Mounting

Working Remotely? Vehicle Specific Mounts Are the Right Choice For You

If you have employees out in the field, it’s critical that you maintain close contact with them throughout an entire project. Whether you’re a police officer, military personnel, or working remotely, you need technology that can continually keep you connected with relevant team members. You need a solution that can stand up to all-terrain travel; something durable, and definitely not something that you rest on the seat next to you (we all know how frustrating it is when something flies forward when you hit the brakes). Vehicle specific mounts for cell phones, tablets, laptops, and even satellite radios can be a huge benefit for your entire team. In this blog, we’ve detailed some of the most relevant benefits that in-vehicle mounting technology can offer, and why you shouldn’t wait to make your employees lives that much easier on the road.

What Are the Benefits?


Seamless, real-time data sharing is necessary for any field-based operations. No matter what project you’re working on, you need to stay in touch with people from all over. With fully integrated GPS, the driver can accurately navigate, and 4G LTE keeps communications running smoothly.


The last thing you need is another issue to hold up your process. With quick and efficient tablets, you’ll be able to keep up with demands more effectively than ever before.


Whether used within a vehicle as a real-time GPS or communications hub, anyone working in the field can mount, discharge, and carry their tablet easily and efficiently. The switch from in-vehicle mount to handheld operation has never been smoother than it is with Bizco’s cutting-edge technology.

Battery life

The more time you spend online, the harder it is to maintain battery life. In-vehicle mounts allow you to never have to waste a second of your technology’s battery life, with an accessible setup for optimal performance.


Protection against extreme temperature, water, shock damage, and even vibration damage is built into the design, making them usable in any context — rough terrain and harsh weather included. Stable mounts mean less chance of damage when traversing rough terrain.


Out in the field, a device is only as useful as it is reliable. You need a mount that’s up to the task, and doesn’t bail on you right when you need it most. In-vehicle mounting allows you the opportunity to work effectively, wherever you are.


Constantly craning your neck to look at the next seat over and be disastrous. With a conveniently placed mount, you’ll always be able to navigate the screen in front of you, and see exactly what you need to see.

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