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How To Select The Best Audio Visual Equipment

The secret to helping companies execute AV integration projects.

The right audio and visual (AV) can have an enormous impact on any office environment. Nowadays, a properly-working AV system is an essential luxury, especially in conference rooms and other meeting areas. High-quality AV equipment can significantly enhance any presentation or collaboration effort that a team takes part in.

Maybe you need to improve the sound quality of the room or you want to host a video conference. Maybe you want to just want to add clear visual aids to your presentation. Whatever your specific need might be, an audio-visual installation will help you serve a multitude of purposes. For this, along with many other reasons, it’s important to have a professional AV specialist in your corner.

Make sure you do your homework before you start to install the right audio and visual system. When it’s time to support your office with new AV equipment, these are some of the things that you’ll have to consider:

Does The Price Align With The Budget?

You shouldn’t start shopping around for AV equipment until a firm budget has been established. Your budget indicates what type of technical performance that your company will be able to afford. It’s important to get a price check on every service. Always look for those opportunities that will help you get the most bang for your buck. This will allow you to see which features of the AV equipment are most important to spend your money on.

What Is The Visual Quality?

Camera display quality is one of the most critical parts of any AV system. Whether you need a projector or camera equipment, it’s important that you test out the image resolution before making any purchases. Make sure that you only choose equipment that projects clear imagery. In addition, you should also look for tools that come with high-quality zoom features.

How Do The Speakers Sound?

What’s more important than high-resolution visuals? If you are holding a meeting, conducting a presentation, or just chatting on the phone with a coworker, there’s only one clear answer - effective sound quality. When searching for speakerphone systems, keep an eye out for volume capacity limits as well as the microphone radius. A surround sound environment will really give your operation an edge.

Are There Mobile Capabilities?

In an age dominated by wireless technology, it’s crucial to have some type of mobile control of your AV system. In recent years, cordless speaker phones have become a booming trend. These portable solutions are battery-powered, which means that they can hold a charge without being connected to a phone jack. Most portable speakerphones offer Bluetooth and USB connectivity with Apple and Android devices. This makes telecommunication much more efficient all around.

AV Installations Made Easy With Bizco

Bizco is a preeminent source for audio, visual, and lighting solutions for businesses everywhere. When we’re by your side, we’ll be able to amplify your sound, while simplifying your office environment with high-definition solutions. We are much more than just an ordinary AV integration company. We are full-service problem solvers who are committed to refining the way you do business.

Schedule a consultation with our team to learn how Bizco can take your office environment to the next level.

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