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Building The Perfect Conference Room

Nearly every commercial building will have at least one conference room in it. The conference setting that you utilize is a place where you will conduct important meetings between your business partners and clients alike. A conference room is only as good as the equipment that’s installed. With the right audio and visual equipment present, you’ll be able to hold a more productive and effective meeting for all parties involved.

In order to optimize your meeting room to the highest level, you’ll need these essential elements in place:

  • Effective and clear communication
  • Good lighting
  • Plenty of meeting space
  • Solid and durable tables
  • Comfortable seating furniture
  • High-quality audio and video systems

Many advanced AV solutions will give new life to your conference venue. Here are some of the best tools that will help enhance your conference environment:

Working Computer Systems:

Today, a majority of our communication comes from web-powered technology. You don’t need to have the latest and greatest computer system to hold a productive meeting. To tell you the truth, all you really need is a reliable laptop that you and team members can operate with at different moments during the meeting. As long as there is a strong internet connection, and the right software systems in place, you’ll have the ability to pull off a very successful meeting.

A Digital Video Presentation System:

Digital video presentation systems are imperative when there are important presentations that have to be made. You’ll need a system that can clearly and reliably display your computer’s resolution. This strengthens the overall presentation and provides visual support to those in attendance. Our presentation systems maintain a reliable digital connection between your computer and the projector or display. Intuitive, custom controls will also make it easy to turn the system on and off and select the devices you wish to view.

Video Conferencing System:

As time goes on, business will progress in different areas. The fact of the matter is that not everyone will always be presently available for a business meeting. This is why it’s essential to adopt a video conferencing solution. Whether it’s Skype, Cisco, or Zoom, make sure you have the right hardware in place. As a result, expect more engagements, interactions, and production from your teammates involved in the meeting.


Your audio system is one of the primary integrated solutions that you’ll need to have in the meeting area. You want to have a high-quality sound system that clearly projects the sound you want people to hear during the meeting and rejects ambient noise.  Ceiling microphones can be configured to capture every participant’s voice effortlessly with no table-top clutter.

Room Scheduling Panels:

Coordinating a meeting time can be really frustrating.  Our scheduling panels, located outside a meeting room, make it easy to schedule an empty room or plan ahead with a calendar entry.  These panels come in a variety of styles and colors for any decor. Simply add the room as a resource in your Outlook or Google calendar, and the room is booked. Your meeting will automatically appear on the digital display letting everyone know that you booked it.

Cloud Computing Solutions:

When it comes to audio and visual installations, the cloud is one of the most essential necessities. Involving the cloud is a critical solution for effective collaboration. Cloud technology makes it easier to make video calls and perform other multi-conferencing functions.

Click/Share Devices:

Sharing content is a key part of effective collaboration. Using a click/share device makes it easier for you for you to display your laptop or mobile device during presentations. With a variety of connection options, there is an easy way for you to wirelessly present your device with just a click.

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