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Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical Treatment to absorb and diffuse stray audio waves


You have all the right audio equipment—what next? The last thing you want is to have the material on your walls and ceiling detract from the acoustic quality of your room. Setting up your space to bring out the most in your sound equipment is crucial for maintaining auditory quality in your environment. Bizco’s team of experienced technicians provide acoustic room treatment services to maximize the sound quality in your space whether it’s a training room or open office. We collaborate with industry-leading manufacturers to provide custom-shaped fabric paneling so the arrangement fits your space seamlessly.


Our team provides cutting-edge software to make sure the panel solution we provide is exactly what your space requires. For your studio acoustic treatment, we take an in-depth look at the layout with 3-D modeling software that tells us where to place speakers and padding for optimal sound quality. From there, we offer comprehensive installation solutions. Our large screen-printed panels can even include designs of your choice, so your acoustic panels can look as good as your speakers sound.


Bizco’s customized paneling solutions are designed with your specific space in mind. With state-of-the-art frequency absorption for your side walls and ceiling treatment that insulates your sound, our panels will maximize the sound quality in your space. Reach out to Bizco today and see how our acoustic room treatment improves the way you sound.

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