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How Are TOUGHBOOKS Used in the Manufacturing Industry?

TOUGHBOOKS are indispensable tools for workers in the manufacturing industry. These devices are less susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures and drops and allow workers to improve on-time delivery and streamline operations.

Different TOUGHBOOK models have distinct features and specifications, so some may offer features that fit your role better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that workers use TOUGHBOOKS in the manufacturing industry.

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3 Ways TOUGHBOOKS Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry

1. Monitor Production

Manufacturing industries operate on strict deadlines and TOUGHBOOKS can help by continuously monitoring production time, cost, and quality. Being able to manage everything from the same mobile device can help your company have a competitive edge because your processes are streamlined.

TOUGHBOOKS also allow manufacturing workers to access vital Industry 4.0 elements to monitor production. Industry 4.0 smart factories rely on modern technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, big data, and analytics. Using TOUGHBOOKS to leverage the technologies allows for enhanced on-time delivery and streamlined operations.

TOUGHBOOKS are the channel through which factory managers, supervisors, and workers access critical production data. The devices facilitate tight control over production processes. Plant managers also use them to keep team members in the information loop.

2. Maximize Uptime

Maximizing production uptime in production facilities remains a daunting task. You can solve this challenge by equipping manufacturing workers with TOUGHBOOKS. The devices allow them to automate production processes and achieve lean production.

Predictive maintenance remains critical to maximizing uptime. Predictive maintenance systems installed on TOUGHBOOKS facilitate the timely detection of equipment faults and failures. The software also helps reduce the number of spare parts required for repairs and maintenance.

TOUGHBOOKS also maximize uptime by facilitating information sharing. The devices enable manufacturing workers to share information critical to continuous production processes. The information includes machine status, RFID infrastructure, error reporting, historical data, repair manuals, and spare parts.

Efficient warehouse management plays a pivotal role in maximizing uptime. TOUGHBOOKS enable workers in the manufacturing industry to access vital data in real-time. Data such as the quantity and location of raw materials allow plant managers to make informed decisions for smoother production lines. 

3. Manage Inventory

Turning inventory is challenging. Inventory management software installed on TOUGHBOOKS gives manufacturing workers real-time data access across the organization. The software also enables them to track inventory across different phases of the production process.

Current inventory management systems incorporate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and augmented reality. TOUGHBOOKS offer significantly higher levels of efficiency by tapping into the power of these technologies. They enable plant managers to minimize wastage and achieve just-in-time production. TOUGHBOOKS for voice recognition and forklift-mounted systems can also help boost order fulfillment productivity. 

TOUGHBOOKS are an important tool to the manufacturing industry because of the way they can monitor production, maximize uptime, and manage inventory. If you are looking to implement these products into your facility contact us today to get started!

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