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The Benefits Of Rugged Laptops For First Responders

Why limit where you can work to the four walls of your office? Rugged tablets and computers are built to withstand drops, allow you to work remotely, and can handle the wear and tear that conventional desktops can’t stand up to. Bizco offers several high-quality, rugged computers that are designed to increase flexibility, allowing employees to take their office work into the field with them and tackle any task. We carry several models from industry-leading providers that can operate in a broad temperature range, tolerate hostile work conditions, and provide reliable service no matter what. Whether it’s law enforcement, fire and rescue, or emergency medical services that involve protecting others, Bizco has the perfect solution for what you’re looking for.

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Solutions for Law Enforcement

Most law enforcement professionals consider ruggedness and the ability to handle tough conditions to be the most important feature for their mobile devices. If you’re a police officer, a mounted laptop can help you get work done efficiently. No more twisting over to the seat next to you or reaching into the backseat to get what you need. A mounted laptop can mitigate comfort issues and allow officers to access criminal databases, issue citations, and interact with computer-aided dispatch systems. Handheld units also provide optimal connectivity and flexibility to complete work from any location.

Solutions for Fire and Rescue Teams

If you’re working in a variety of conditions, you need something that won’t fold under pressure. You need dust and spill-resistant units that allow for outdoor-viewable touchscreens. You’re not going to be able to control the conditions of the situation you face before you get there—that’s why you need a solution that can fit seamlessly into the environment you’re thrust into. EMS crews are constantly having to adjust to whatever is in front of them—rugged mobile devices with integrated antenna modules and shock-mounted hard drives can withstand vibrations, shocks, and other rough and tumble conditions that you otherwise might not be prepared for. Spill-resistant devices can be regularly sanitized with disinfectant wipes that ensure bodily fluids don’t disrupt any procedures or processes.

Find the Right Solution For You

There’s no sense in using technology that’s not ideally suited to your daily role. Don’t waste time with a solution that doesn’t align closely with what you need it to do—make sure that you’re in the best position to succeed with custom-tailored technology solutions from Bizco. Reach out today, and find out why professionals across several different industries trust our team to provide exactly what they’re looking for.

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