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Unified Communications


In today’s world of business, a unified communication (UC) platform is the gold standard for the way employees communicate and collaborate with one another. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or video conference, we work tirelessly to make sure that your communication variables are efficiently run. Bringing your network together has never been easier than with our unified communications platform.

Our team works around the clock to eliminate communication barriers from any working environment. Whether it’s a busy signal you’re hearing on the other end of your cell phone, or disrupted connection during a video conference, you can always count on us to solve these problems once and for all.

We offer a variety of affordable UC solutions to companies in wide range of industries. Our service offering boasts a streamlined, cohesive platform that integrates multiple channels of communication into one, unified place. Bizco’s cutting-edge, user-friendly unified communication solutions offering extends to whatever device your team works with, so you can keep remote team members in the loop with secure mobile mail and device sharing.

Eliminate unnecessary and outdated communication tools with our cost-saving, collaborative service. We offer bundled unified communications packages for:

  • Instant messaging and chat
  • Fax
  • Conference calls
  • Business phone systems
  • Email


Technological advancements help to increase the speed and frequency of communication, it’s more vital than ever to make sure your team is informed and up-to-date. Though technology may be sharper, that also means that cyberattacks are also becoming more severe. If disaster strikes your network, you may be at risk of losing everything that you worked so hard to gain. Just a single phishing email or network virus can put your entire operation at a standstill.

At Bizco, we understand that data is the backbone for any organization. Business data is the engine that drives your operation. Whether it’s your financial records, customer history, or any surplus of other sensitive information, we work relentlessly to keep all of your data safe and secure. Our team works around the clock to managed and protect your most valuable information.

Just because you have a firewall and antivirus protection, doesn’t mean that your operation is completely susceptible to risk. With our help, we’ll be able to supplement disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure that you always have a safe grip on everything you need.

Don’t let important information slip through the cracks—stay in constant contact with Bizco’s unified communications service. Our comprehensive solutions offer unparalleled connectivity for your team. Bizco’s unified communications services include:

  • Device support (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, landlines)
  • Secure mobile portal offerings
  • Document sharing
  • Anti-virus support for mobile devices


When it comes to unified communications, there is no one better to work with than Bizco Technologies. For over two decades, our team has brought companies together by streamlining their network for optimal service and communication. No matter where you work, what device you use, or what information you need to share with your team, our unified communication technology is a surefire way to maintain the connection that you need.

If you are ready to take your operation to the next level, then give us a call today. Schedule a consultation with our team so you can learn how Bizco will streamline your collaboration tools and improve efficiency and production for your operation.


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