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Work From Home Readiness

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Bizco is committed to helping our community prepare for unexpected circumstances that could shut down business.  Below are some of the questions you should consider:

Employee Needs:

  • Home internet connection
  • PC or laptop with active (preferably corporate AV software)
  • Ability to complete calls from home
  • Printing Capabilities

Company Needs:

  • Are their specific employees to designate for working from home?
  • Do you have corporate laptops to distribute to all essential work from home personnel or do you intend for employees to use their own computers
  • Do you have a firewall with VPN? Do you have enough licenses to support the number of employees that may have to work remotely?
  • Can your internet connection support an increase of VPN users to support all work remotely activity?
  • Do you have a phone system that supports remote workers connected via Internet? Can it seamlessly distribute calls inbound and outbound from your remote workers?
  • Are your critical applications supported over VPN or do you need another method of connectivity to your network?

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