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3 Disaster Recovery Services Most Relevant For Florida Businesses

Massive data loss can devastate your business finally and otherwise. Various catastrophic events — both natural and man-made — can lead to irrecoverable loss of critical business data. Here in Florida, for instance, hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe thunderstorms tend to result in power outages leading to the loss of mission-critical data for many businesses throughout the state.

Some other examples are fires, floods, electrical surges, and other physical disasters that can leave hard drives inoperable. Online threats such as ransomware can encrypt files and systems, rendering them unusable until the attackers' demands are met. One of your employees can inadvertently corrupt or wipe out important files or someone can break into your offices and steal computers. As you can see, the possibilities are numerous! 

How can business owners and IT managers stay ahead of disastrous situations? You can be proactive by having a disaster recovery plan in place. Without one, it may take a while to put your data back together. Some of it you'll never get back.                                                                                 

Disaster recovery services can help your business avoid the consequences of catastrophic data loss. An effective disaster recovery plan includes proactive and preventative solutions designed to protect your data and systems before a disaster even happens.

In order to help you and your business be prepared, here are three disaster recovery options for you and your IT team to explore.

1. Data Backup and Restore Services

Data backups are one of the simplest types of disaster recovery. Data backup entails storing data at an offsite location or on a removable storage media to ensure business continuity in the event of catastrophic data loss.

2. Cloud Backup and Recovery Services

Also known as online backup, cloud backup primarily focuses on protecting sensitive organizational data. The data and applications on your business's servers are backed up and stored on a remote cloud server. Your Cloud Backup and Recovery services provider ensures that your backup solution is ready to kick in and maintain service to your clients in case of an emergency. 

In the event of a disaster that results in data loss, you can easily back up and restore your data and apps using a web browser or a service provider's control panel. Compared to traditional backup methods, cloud backup is faster, safer, and more flexible. 

3. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Another form of disaster recovery service Florida businesses should consider is Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS. A simple data backup solution backs up a company's data but not its IT infrastructure, providing only minimal business continuity help. That's where DRaaS comes in. 

In the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, a DRaaS provider moves your business's computer processing to its own cloud infrastructure, where you can continue operations. DRaaS solutions focus on keeping your business in continuous operation even if your servers are down. 

When implemented properly, DRaaS can mirror a complete infrastructure in fail-safe mode on virtual servers, including computing, storage, and networking functions. The increasing danger of data loss, especially from malware, is making DRaaS essential for modern businesses. 

Any number of natural and man-made disasters, including floods, ransomware, fires, physical theft, and user error, can lead to irrecoverable loss of business data. While we can't predict the timing of events that may destroy, corrupt, or limit access to critical business data, implementing a well-thought-out backup and disaster recovery plan can reduce the impact on your business. 

At Bizco Technologies, we can help protect your business from any natural or man-made disaster with our cloud-based and in-house data backup, restoration, and business continuity solutions. We'll have your business back on its feet as quickly as possible in the event of any disaster. Contact us for a detailed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity program for your Florida business.  

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