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top things to consider when choosing laptops and tablets for healthcare professionals

Top 3 Things To Consider When Choosing Laptops and Tablets for Healthcare Professionals

The importance of medical professionals having reliable technology cannot be overstated. Since the “Meaningful Use” of electronic medical records mandate came into play in January 2014, the healthcare industry has continued to adapt technology into multiple processes which eliminate paperwork and streamline workflows for patient care. Starting at patient intake, a multitude of critical information continues its journey into Electronic Healthcare Records that will need to be accessed by care providers as quickly as possible.  

Listed below are some important factors to consider when deploying tablet or laptop devices to be used by professionals in the healthcare industry. 

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1. Rugged Mobility

Whether a laptop is mounted in an ambulance providing route navigation, in the backpack of a home-health nurse, or being pushed on a cart throughout the facility, it is going to experience vibrations. Working from a device that can take repeated drops, bangs, and bumps against the wall results in fewer hardware failures. When mobile devices are functioning at a high level, IT staff can focus their attention on other areas to advance towards other technology requirements. Rugged devices typically boast a longer battery life than a standard laptop device, which is convenient on long shifts and in Emergency Medical Situations where laptops are moved in and out of vehicles without frequent access to a charger or docking solution. 

2. Sanitization

Laptops and tablets used in healthcare applications are occasionally exposed to body fluids, harsh chemicals in lab research experiments, and other liquids that require a more thorough clean than if a cup of coffee spilled. Devices like the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK are able to withstand up to 10,000 wipes with a liquid sanitizer solution and have hard aluminum alloy casing and a durable screen that can withstand Alcohol prep swabs, CaviWipes™, and Total Solutions™ Disinfectant wipes.  

3. Screen Visibility

The importance of a visible screen on a device comes into play when being used in direct sunlight, under bright lights in an operating room, in hallways with reflective floors, and when working on items at night in a moving vehicle. Reducing the amount of eye strain users endure while working improves morale and makes working easier.

Day over day, the business of healthcare becomes more digitally-driven as the Internet of Things (IOT) continues to evolve and expand its reach into more functions. There are several healthcare applications that require computing technology that can continue working through long shifts, exposure to chemicals, changes in climate and withstand shocks and vibrations caused by vehicle movement and occasional drops. Choose carefully before deploying a mobile device to be used in healthcare applications to be sure all requirements are met. 

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