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Ransomware Resurgence: How to Protect Your Data

The first half of 2019 saw a significant resurgence in ransomware attacks. From local governments to global manufacturers, cybercriminals have been targeting organizations with network vulnerabilities in all sectors. Dozens of ransomware variants and strains are popping up across the internet every week. In this post, we’ll explore some of the strategies your organization needs to be using if you want to stay protected from ransomware attacks.

Redundant Disaster Recovery Services

Ransomware works by not only encrypting all of the files on a device but also all of the data on a network. That means any backup systems connected to your network are also vulnerable to ransomware. In the event that your network is compromised by a ransomware attack, you won’t be able to restore data from those backups. The solution? Use redundant onsite and offsite network backup systems to protect backups from network vulnerabilities.

In the event that your onsite backup systems are encrypted, you’ll be able to restore network operations with your offsite backup systems and vice versa. Even if all of the data on your network is encrypted, redundant backups allow you to deploy network restoration strategies without having to worry about paying a ransom to get your system back up and running. Although multiple backup systems may cost more to operate, those additional expenses quickly cover themselves in the event of a ransomware attack.

Prioritize Security Awareness Training

Next-level firewalls and the latest antimalware software can only get you so far in the fight against ransomware. That’s because these strategies don’t necessarily protect against human error. If you want to ensure that your organization is doing everything you can to proactively defend your operations from a ransomware attack, you need to implement ongoing security awareness training policies. Security awareness training not only prepares your team to spot security threats, it also teaches them how to respond effectively to threats before they interrupt day-to-day operations.

Implement Automated Monitoring Tools

In response to the increasing threat of ransomware attacks, cybersecurity developers offer network monitoring tools aimed at stopping ransomware in its tracks. With an automated system continually overseeing network operations in real time, ransomware monitoring platforms intelligently scan files, folders, and online activity to ensure that malware doesn’t infiltrate your network.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

If you want to clarify what your network’s strengths and weaknesses are, look no further than partnering with a team of cybersecurity experts to subject your system to rigorous penetration and vulnerability tests. Your security partner will attempt to exploit your network as a cybercriminal might to pinpoint network vulnerabilities and bolster your defenses to protect you from specific security threats.

Partner With a Team of Cybersecurity Experts

If you need some help protecting your mission-critical network operations from the threat of ransomware, contact the cybersecurity experts at Bizco today. We will work with you to understand the platforms your team relies on and ensure they’re prepared and ready to protect your network from the latest threats.

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