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How to Turn on Wi-Fi Calling and Stay Connected


In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, staying in touch is crucial. However, your company’s communications can be stalled by a poor cellular connection and high roaming rates. While traditional cellular service is crucial, Wi-Fi calling is a powerful alternative that helps your team stay connected. Let’s see how you can start using this new tool and set the bar at your company. 


Crystal- Clear Calls, Even in Weak Signal Areas

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hold a conversation due to spotty cellular reception? Whether you're in a rural area, a crowded building, or even your own basement, weak signals can disrupt calls and conversations.  

This is where Wi-Fi calling comes to the rescue. By leveraging your existing Wi-Fi network, you can place and receive calls with improved clarity and stability, even in areas with poor cellular coverage. Imagine seamlessly conducting a business call from your basement office or staying connected with loved ones while traveling through remote locations. Wi-Fi calling makes more calls possible, helping you stay in touch. 

Cost-Effective Savings, Especially for International Travelers 

Have you heard those stories about a company receiving a hefty phone bill after one of their employees returns from an international trip? Roaming charges can quickly drain your budget, turning a fun vacation into a financial burden. Wi-Fi calling offers a cost-effective solution. If you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can typically make and receive calls at local rates, regardless of your international location. This translates to significant savings on your phone bill, allowing you to stay connected without leading to an eye-catching phone bill. 

Enhanced Battery Life, Reduced Drain 

Your phone's battery can take a major hit when the device is constantly searching for a strong cellular signal. When your device struggles to maintain a seamless connection, it works overtime and quickly drains your battery life.  

By utilizing your Wi-Fi network, your phone consumes less power, significantly extending its battery life. This is especially beneficial for anybody dealing with an extended trip, a busy day, or a missing charger. 


Improved Call Quality, Especially for Video Calls 

Video calls have become an essential part of our digital lives, allowing for face-to-face communication even across vast distances. However, choppy reception and pixelated videos can hinder the experience.  

Wi-Fi calling steps up the game by offering more stable and consistent internet connectivity, resulting in smoother video calls with improved audio and visual quality. This ensures clearer communication and a more natural face-to-face experience, whether you're catching up with family or conducting a virtual meeting. 

Peace of Mind in Emergencies 

Emergencies don't wait for a smooth connection. In situations where every second counts, having reliable communication access is crucial. Super-fast Wi-Fi can provide that crucial lifeline. Even if your cellular signal is weak or unavailable, you can still place and receive calls when you need it most. This added accessibility offers peace of mind from knowing you can stay connected during critical moments. 


Simple Setup and Seamless Transition 

Enabling Wi-Fi calling is surprisingly straightforward. The process varies slightly depending on your device and mobile carrier, but it generally involves a few simple steps within your phone's settings menu. Many modern devices (like smartphones, iPads, and Macs) come with pre-enabled Wi-Fi calling. This allows you to call from a variety of devices (if they’re connected to your phone), providing uninterrupted communication. 

How to Turn on Wi-Fi Calling and Save Time & Money 

At Bizco, we encourage you to embrace this technology and experience the power of staying connected, anywhere, anytime. While knowing how to turn on Wi-Fi calling is a great first step, Bizco can be your trusted partner in optimizing your entire communication infrastructure. Contact us today and let's unlock the full potential of your technology, ensuring seamless connections and a future-proof network. 




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