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Video Walls: The Latest AV Trend

Video walls offer one of the latest developments in AV technology with screen systems that can more powerfully convey your messages by captivating audiences - anywhere, anytime. Before deciding to move forward with a video wall, however, you may be wondering what deploying a video wall system looks like and what options you have. In this post, we’ll begin addressing those concerns to help you envision how a video wall could elevate your communication and marketing strategies to the next level.

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a multi-monitor setup that displays videos and images at extensive sizes while maintaining high pixel density for clarity. Screens or panels are either tiled together or overlapped to create one large screen. As technology has advanced, viewers now often perceive the video wall as one continuous screen, meaning there are no limits to how large the screen can be. The Texas Motor Speedway installed a 218 by 125 feet video wall in 2014, but there’s no reason you couldn’t go bigger.

How Are Images and Videos Displayed?

A video wall can use any r combination of technology to display images and videos. These options most frequently include any one or more of these possibilities:

  • LCD panels
  • LED display arrays
  • Rear projectors
  • Blended projections
  • Laser imagining

Benefits of a Video Wall

Deploying a small or large-scale video wall system offers these benefits over traditional video displays:

  • Customizable tile layouts
  • Flexible display ratios
  • More screen area per dollar
  • Greater pixel density per dollar

Video walls generally offer a better value for custom video screen sizes because it’s more cost-effective to manufacture multiple small screens rather than a large-scale custom screen.

What Are Some Common Applications?

Some familiar places you’re bound to see video walls and multi-screen systems are:

  • Control rooms
  • Sports stadiums
  • Public venues
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Office buildings

Next time you encounter a video wall or multi-screen system, take a closer look and see if you can figure out where each individual screen begins and ends.

Exploring Your Creative Vision

One of the best parts of selecting a video wall as an extension of your existing audio visual services is the vast array of customizable options. From how video is displayed, to pixel density to screen size and aspect ratios, there are a lot of factors to consider when designing and deploying a video screen. That means you need a partner with the hands-on expertise to plan and oversee every stage of the design-build video wall process.

At Bizco, we specialize in full-service video walls that are fully customized for your needs whether it’s for a conference room or a concert venue. We handle everything from system design to leveraging vendors, so you can count on a video wall that captivates viewers and elevates the power of your messaging.

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