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four of the most common use cases for digital signage in the workplace

Four Of The Most Common Use Cases For Digital Signage In The Workplace

Digital signage is a highly adaptable tool that companies in every industry can use to increase brand awareness and enhance customer service. But perhaps one of its best attributes is communication. While email remains the most popular mode of business communication, it may not be as effective as digital signage at delivering essential information to staff or clients.

Since digital signage can be easily edited, it is becoming more and more common to use it in workplaces to update the message rapidly and consistently. It becomes even more powerful once you realize it can be made to fit into any space. Here are four of the most common use cases for digital signage in the workplace.

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1. Communicate With Non-Desk Employees 

Digital signage simplifies workplace communication by giving real-time visual information to most of your staff who may not have access to a corporate email. In this digital age, workplace communication should be straightforward, however it becomes difficult when you have distributed non-desk workers like shop-floor workers, delivery drivers, field sales representatives, and more. 

Poor communication contributes to the astounding 85% disengagement rate among non-desk workers. Digital signage provides a way to reach these workers who may: 

  • Be dispersed in different offices 
  • Always on the road 
  • Do not visit the office often 
  • Have little to no access to a computer 
  • Have difficulty communicating or asking for help
  • Lack of real-time access to company news and updates

2. Show Educational and Training Content

Corporate training presents an opportunity to speed up productivity, assist your team in honing their abilities, and simplify the transfer for new hires.

However, typical training development programs can sometimes fall short in the delivery of the learning materials. A majority of organizations still distribute instructional content using old technologies like learning management systems (LMS), others use email, flyers, and brochures. Essentially, they are effective, but alone they might not be enough to capture students' attention and keep them engaged.

Putting the material on a digital sign where everyone can see it makes corporate training easier. It is one of the most effective ways of amplifying a training program because it also simplifies collaboration. This is possible by turning training sessions into team activities rather than solo assignments.

Visual information is easier to follow through with and remember. Considering only 12% of employees apply their training, this can help employees retain and apply the knowledge they have learned.  

3. Give Company News and Updates 

It is easy for your employees to get absorbed in the day-to-day activities and lose sight of the bigger picture. Mostly this is due to a lack of visibility about the company's direction. Digital signage makes it easier to display departmental or company-wide performance data, analytics, and reports. 

This is one of the most common uses of digital signage because companies can provide relevant and responsive departmental performance reports easily accessible at a glance. This can assist with both corporate reporting and guiding toward a common objective. 

Employees will also like eye-catching digital signage in the workplace that highlights departmental successes and opportunities. The hidden benefit for you is saving time you would otherwise spend on accepting, managing, and communicating these reports.

4. Drive Traffic and Engagement

Retail and commercial workplaces can generate attractive, dynamic, and highly tailored content and experiences with digital signage systems. This content will engage and delight both consumers and staff and can enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. 

As a customer flow control method, using digital signage gives your clients something to look at and makes the most of their time. Having quick, easy access to important information streamlines the shopping process and helps in space management, especially in congested or busy areas.

For your digital signs, Bizco Technologies offers thorough interactive digital content training. We will also provide you with cutting-edge digital signs and all the tools you need to interact with your audience. With Bizco you can create dynamic and engaging digital signs that convey your message. Contact us today to learn more.

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